Easter card 2014

Other | April 18, 2014.

Croatian History Museum wishes You a happy Easter!


Other | February 17, 2014.

After you visit the Croatian History Museum please keep the ticket receipt, because just around the corner there …

Gnalić - summer 2013th

Other | February 17, 2014.

Despite the large number of extracted objects, an underwater archaeological site by the islet Gnalić is not yet …

Croatian History Museum's new publication

Other | February 17, 2014.

In November 2011, remembering the last days of the three-month siege of Vukovar and all victims of the …

New edition of the Croatian History Museum

Other | July 24, 2013.

Exhibition catalog "Gnalić - Treasure of a 16th century sunken ship" can be purchased in the museum gift …

Website under construction

Other | July 18, 2013.

Development of this website (hismus.hr) is in progress. We ask for your understanding, because our goal is to …

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