The beginnings of the Croatian History Museum's educational activities date back to the late 1960s. They present a link between museum content - the exhibition / museum objects, and the visitor / recipient of museum information. As an institution of national importance, with more than 300,000 museum objects, Croatian History Museum plays an important role in presenting Croatian history and cultural heritage both to younger generations and adult (domestic and foreign) visitors.

Various forms of educational activities are carried out in the Museum. The most common form is a guided tour of the current exhibition where the museum contents are approached and explained in an interesting way. However, this is not the only way to transfer knowledge to (younger) generations in the Museum - visitors are also offered additional content in the form of various workshops and / or games. In these workshops, with the help of original museum objects and its reproductions, various topics are presented to the visitors in an interactive way.

This approach emphasizes both the communicational and educational role of the museum, which entails strengthening the interest of the public and raising awareness of the importance of preserving heritage.

There will be no educational workshops at the Museum while it is closed (due to exhibition change).

Due to the consequences of the earthquake the Croatian History Museum is currently unable to carry out further public activities in the Palace. Instead, we will be doing field work (upon the invitation). We also plan visits and interinstitutional cooperation with museums and educational institutions in the period ahead.

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