After you visit the Croatian History Museum please keep the ticket receipt, because just around the corner there is a refreshment, by your choice with a 20% discount, waiting for you in a comfortable ambience of a caffe bar TITUŠ with a sound of good old Rock’n’Roll!

If you find yourself in a caffe bar Tituš, and you are in a mood for an interesting exhibition, again please keep the receipt, call upon your friends and together visit the CROATIAN HISTORY MUSEUM, where for every ticket bought you will get one for free!

  • the preference is only available with a presentation of a receipt, and is valid during the issue date and the next day
  • the minimum for the preference in the Croatian History Museum is 2 persons
  • the maximum for the preference in the caffe bar Tituš is a group of 8
  • the preference is not applied on people under the age of 18

You can follow up all the future and past events from the Museum and from Tituš on the internet (www.inet.hr/~mmasle/; www.hismus.hr) and facebook (Croatian History Museum; Tituš).

Mesnička 47; working hours: mon-fri 8.30 am - 2 am, sat-sun 7 pm - 2 am

Matoševa 9; working hours: mon-fri 10 am - 6 pm, sat-sun 10 am -1 pm

Photo gallery: Tituš & HPM

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