“Josip Brunšmid” annual award of the Croatian Archaeological Society for 2020

The author team of the exhibition "VARVARIA / BREBERIUM / BRIBIR – Historical Layers Revealed'' (Nikolina Mađar and Kristian Gotić, curators of the Croatian History Museum and Nikolina Uroda, curator of the Museum of Croatian Archaeological Monuments) was awarded the "Josip Brunšmid" annual award of the Croatian Archaeological Society for 2020.

The exhibition was organized on the initiative of the Croatian History Museum in cooperation with the Museum of Croatian Archaeological Monuments in Split and Šibenik City Museum, and is accompanied by a bilingual catalogue and workbook for children.

Bribirska glavica, as one of the most important archaeological sites in Croatia, is the topic of an archaeological-historical exhibition entitled after the archaeological project Varvaria / Breberium / Bribir, an ongoing research started 110 years ago by Fra Lujo Marun - the father of Croatian archaeology. The title wanted to point out the significance of the site, of its protection and presentation as well as the justification for further research. On the other hand, the subtitle ‘’Historical Layers Revealed’’ symbolically indicates the concept of the exhibition, which, along with a short history of research, fully presents the historical continuity of life on Bribir from prehistory to the late Middle Ages.

The basis of the exhibition is archaeological material found through centuries of efforts of generations of archaeologists, while the archaeological material of the Bribir medieval layer is presented in a broader historical context, through first-class written historical sources and works of art, some of which are exhibited for the first time in a way to form a unique cultural-historical ensemble.

The exhibition opened on November 21, 2019 at the Croatian History Museum, but its planned duration was interrupted by the devastating earthquake on March 22, 2020. Due to the damage caused by the earthquake Croatian History Museum has been since closed to the public until further notice.


The 2020 Croatian Architects' Association annual Bernardo Bernardi Award

With the exhibition setup for the Croatian History Museum’s exhibition ‘’IF I FORGET YOU... – The Holocaust in Croatia 1941-1945 / Final Destination Auschwitz’’ Damir Gamulin and Antun Sevšek won the Croatian Architects' Association annual Bernardo Bernardi Award for the most successful achievement in design and interior design in 2020.


Honorary recognition – ZGRAF 10

In the competition of 513 works from 23 countries at ZGRAF 10 awards for 2008, the El Shatt catalogue (Marko Šesnić, Goran Turković) received an Honorary recognition of the international jury consisting of Keiko Hirano (Japan), Isaci Mafundikwa (Zimbabwe), Djordje Balmazović (Great Britain), Betna Shultz (Germany) and Nikola Đurek (Croatia).


The 2007 Croatian Museum Association Annual Award

The author team of the Croatian History Museum in Zagreb won the annual CMA Award for 2007 for the exhibition project El Shatt / Croatian refugee camp in Sinaj desert, Egypt (1944-1946) (authors Nataša Mataušić, Rhea Ivanuš, Snježana Pavičić, Dubravka Peić Čaldarović).

The CMA Awards were presented to the winners on May 16, 2008 at 12:30 p.m at a ceremony held at the Museum of Arts and Crafts in Zagreb. The awards were presented by the CMA award Jury: Vesna Girardi Jurkić, President of the Jury, Žarka Vujić, Željka Kolveshi and Dora Bošković. The CMA awards were decided at the session held on May 8, 2008, on the basis of a publicly conducted competition.

Nagrade Awards

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