Insight into museum materials and documentation

Conditions and manner of insight into museum holdings and documentation are determined by the provisions of the Law on Museums (NN 61/18) and Ordinance on Conditions and Manner of Insight into Museum Holdings and Museum Documentation (NN 115/01).

Museum holdings and documentation are made available for insight for its scientific and professional processing, exhibition, publication, journalistic purposes, for teaching and educational process purposes and for other justified purposes.

Insight into museum holdings and documentation includes: review of holdings and documentation, making copies and recordings of originals with the aim of their further professional and scientific processing, publication and exhibition.

Insight into museum holdings and documentation intended for commercial use is regulated by a special contract between the museum and the interested party, in accordance with the museum internal rules and special regulations.

In order to gain insight into museum holdings and documentation, the interested party is required to submit a written request on a special form. Filled out form should be sent to




For the publication of data on the museum holdings and documentation, the user is required to request in writing a special approval of the director of the museum.

The user is obliged to correctly state the name of the Croatian History Museum, as well as the name and inventory number of the object used and published in his works or articles. The user is also obliged to submit three copies of the publication, in which he published the museum material or museum documentation, to the museum. For further information please contact us at:

Phone: +385 01 4851 900 

Fax: +385 01 4851 909   



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